Where do I begin?

Here I am sat in the garden in the Spring sun, music playing, cup of tea in hand and wondering how to start. I know that in a few months there’ll be so much to say that I’ll be worrying about saying too much.

On Monday, I’m heading to Brighton for the NUS National Conference, one of my last events as President of the University of Chichester Students’ Union, a week on Monday I head to Hungary to experience my first race behind the scenes of a professional cycling, and in just 63 days I’ll be setting off to spend my summer in the states. Between then and now there are so many other things going on. I’ve got another race with the team in the South of France, the Blenheim Palace Triathalon that I’ll be competing in, my last ever Summer Ball, various end of term and leaving parties and moving house. All in the next 63 days.

I guess it’s an exciting time but there are so many things that are coming to end these next few weeks are going to be a rollercoaster of emotions. At the end of May I’ll be moving out of my student house turn grad pad of 4 years, having lived with the most amazing group of girls anyone would have the pleasure of living with. And June sees me leaving the place that has become my home. After 5 years of studying and working at the University of Chichester my time has come to an end and I’ll be closing the chapter of my life which has turned out to be the most instrumental. It’s hard to explain how this place has had such an impact on my life and I guess no one will ever really know as there are no words that I can use to explain it. The people I have met have influenced me in ways that they will never know and I can’t be grateful enough for the opportunities that I have been given and how it has shaped my outlook on life. It’s not just been my place of study but it’s been my life for 5 years. Although it’s going to be tough I’m ready to move on, I’ve done as much as I can here and I learnt so much that’s helped to prepare me for the next chapter of my life and what an exciting chapter it’s going to be.

Anyway the sun’s just disappeared and it’s starting to get chilly and I need to head out and get something for dinner but I’ll be back.



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