Running for trains.

One of my least favourite things to do. Run for a train. 

My journey today so far has consisted of 5 trains, each with just enough time in between to catch the next. Well. That’s only if it’s not on a Sunday and our national rail network wasn’t a shambles. 
I’ve missed one train and ran for two. My next change gives me 13 minutes to get between platforms and we’re already 4 minutes behind schedule. I’m sitting here refreshing the schedule constantly to check I’m going to make it on time for my fifth and final train of the day.

I hate being late especially when it’s only your second day of your new job. I’m meant to be meeting the cycling team campavan at Ashford International, normally only a 2 train journey, but not today. Luckily my fear of being late meant that had my plan worked I would have arrived over half an hour early, as it seems (hoping not to speak too soon) I should arrive with 3 minutes to spare. The team are travelling down from Petersfield so I’m hoping I’ll have time to grab a coffee but we’re only heading to Folkestone so I should be able to hold on til then.

I’m off to Europe for 8 days working on an Under 23 race in the Carpathian Mountains. The plan is to stay in Calais tonight and make the long drive down early tomorrow morning. It’s my first stage race and although I’m excited I’m starting to worry I’ve not packed enough layers for the mountains. My days will consist of early starts and sorting food and water bottles out, pre and post race massages and generally making sure the riders have everything they need. Unfortunately this often means standing in remote, often cold and wet locations to hand out food and bottles as the riders speed by. But I’ve just been looking at some photos online of where the race is going and wow does it look incredible. I think the views will definitely make up for the time we’re standing around in the cold, it looks beautiful. 

I probably should’ve packed more but I was trying to get the balance between packing the essentials without over packing and trying my best to avoid comments on how girls always over pack. I guess only time will tell which way it’s going to be.

Anyway I’ve just checked the schedule again and it looks as though we’re making up time. I’ll let you know if I make my last train in time.

*Edit 20.02*

I made it. Arrived at Ashford with plenty of time to get a coffee. Although now I’m concerned. The first comment on arrival was ‘wow you’ve packed lightly’…why do I get the feeling I’m about to freeze on top of a mountain?!


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