4 countries in 4 hours

So a big part of this job is travelling and often spending hours on the road. We left England late on Monday night, it’s now day 3 and we still haven’t arrived at the race location.

I can’t drive the team vehicles because for insurance purposes I need to be 25 which has meant that the past two days I’ve sat in the front seat trying to be good company for Phil. In between naps and general chit chat I’ve been playing DJ and trying to find a good radio station that’s playing English music and has the fewest interruptions with foreign DJs and news flashes and then making the most of the photo opportunities of the changing landscapes.

We stayed in Calais on Sunday night and so far we’ve driven through the flat lands of North France, Belgium and Holland, moved on through Industrial West Germany and on to East Germany where we found a hotel for the night in the town of Regensburg.

The hotel was quirky and the owner recommended we headed into town to one of the beer houses for dinner. The beer was good and the schnitzel even better. The walk there wasn’t bad either, along the cobbled streets next to the river. 

But on the way home from the pub back to our hotel this massive freight train started crossing in front of us and after 3/4 minutes just stopped where it was so One of the guys was like fuck it and jumped on the train and climbed off the other side, so I went to do the same. Only when I jumped on the train it decided to start moving. And all I heard, in a strong welsh accent was ‘bloody hell! It’s moving backwards!!’ So I just started laughing, nearly dropped my phone on the train as I ran across and managed to jump off before it picked up speed. It’s safe to say the others decided to wait for the train to pass rather than re-enact a James Bond scene.

Five minutes later and reunited we headed to the bar next to our hotel for one last drink before bed. It was a little motel hat appeared to be hosting an arm wrestling contest which proved interesting. There were some arcade machines from the 60’s and a semi-professional Eastern European Football Match being screened on the TV. But the beer was good and it wasn’t long before we headed back to get our heads down for the night ahead of another long drive the following day.

Breakfast was good and we were back on the road at 9 this morning. Today’s drive should only be about 6 hours and will see us pass across the border into Austria and through the alps, through Slovenia and finish up in Croatia to pick up the rest of the team vehicles. We’re staying the night and then by Wednesday afternoon we’ll be in Hungary for the start of the race on Friday.


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