From East to West

It’s 11am back home, 6am in New York and I’m trying desperately hard to convince my self that it’s 3am as it is in San Francisco, my next destination.

I slept, uncomfortably, in Newark Airport last night in preparation for my early morning flight today. There was a distinct lack of chairs, let alone unarmed chairs, and so myself my blanket and my travel pillow created the next best option on the floor of terminal A. My flight is 6 hours so I’m hoping to get some sleep on the plane but only time will tell how I will fair against the bolt upright, no legroom positioning on this California bound Virgin America flight.

I had a nightmare at check in this morning. I have a really pretty, although rather large suitcase. On the way out I managed to, somehow, have my suitcase weigh in at 22.9kg with a 23kg limit. However, that was a while ago and I’ve acquired a fair few more bits and pieces since then, resulting in my suitcase being 6lbs over the limit. Have you ever seen someone in the airport desperately trying to repackage their suitcase and debating what to squeeze into hand luggage and what to throw away? Well this morning, at approximately 2am local time, that was me. Fortunately nothing had to be cut and after readjusting my hand luggage my make-up bag, straighteners and a few other bits made the move to hand luggage. The check in lady also took pity on me and let me bag through despite still being over limit by 1.5lbs.

I made it through security and I’m now sat at gate A31 waiting to board. San Francisco will see me reunited with my mum and, her fiancé, Steve. Mum was jealous of my adventures and was going to fly out to surprise me. She told me so it’s not much of a surprise but I’m so excited to see her and share this adventure with her.

I’m going to go grab a coffee before we start to board so I’ll see you on the other side.


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