Living in a postcard

Every morning I wake up and can’t quite believe that this is the place that I’m currently calling home. We fly out to Zurich on the evening of the 30th November and was greeted on arrival by Alex, owner of Alpine Sports Physio, and an Audi estate. Two weeks on and I’m still not too sure how we managed to fit 5 large suitcases, 2 board bags and 5 people in the car for the two hour drive to St Anton and I’m sure the suspension still hasn’t yet recovered. It’ll be three weeks tomorrow that we arrived at the doorstep of the most picturesque Austrian Chalet that we are now calling home. 

We live in St Jakob, a quiet town on the outskirts of St Anton am Arlberg, it’s quiet out here yet we’re only a 20 minute walk into the bustling town and with buses running every 15 minutes it’s a perfect location. We had our first flakes of snow fall yesterday in resort, despite no snow the skiing has actually been rather impressive, snow cannons have been working around the clock to open 25 of the 70 slopes in the area. My skiing isn’t so great at the minute. Having not skied since the age of 14 it’s taken a bit of getting used to but after the forth trip up the mountains I feel like I’m getting back into it slowly but surely.

Work has been slow so far, as expected. The first guests only arrived in resort last Friday with only a few hotels and chalets open for the season, this week is noticibly busier but Christmas week is expected to be at capacity for the region. It’s been quite handy though as it’s given us a chance to get used to the area, find our way around and we’ve had plenty of chance to practice our massage (and be practiced on). I’ve also had a few chances to shadow Alex and watch him treat an acute back injury and a chronic knee injury which has been beneficial.

This place is amazing though, the landscapes are stunning as are the skies that backdrop the mountains in the most spectacular ways. I think I’ve taken more photos of the different skies than I have anything else so far. The Austrian style chalets just add to such a perfect landscape and with it being in the lead up to Christmas the trees and lights just make this place so magical. I’ve only been here for 3 weeks but I’m already worried that I won’t want to leave.


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